Sequencing services

The Bio-Fab laboratories boast twenty years of experience in the field of automatic sequencing.
The great professionalism of the staff is flanked by constantly updated laboratory equipment and a wide range of services.
We offer you collaboration, speed in sending the results (within 24 hours after the arrival of the samples), availability, competence and flexibility.
Our sequencing services are suitable for every laboratory need

Standard Sequencing

Samples will be processed following our laboratory's ISO9001 procedures.

- Opportunity to do repetitions if we believe that a better result can be obtained
- Possibility of sending DNA and oligo in separate tubes in case of problems for quantification and possible control of the samples (run on gel, desalting, etc.) < / p>

Sequencing "... and that's it"

What is the difference with Standard Sequencing?
The samples will be processed with the same care as always, following the ISO9001 procedures of our laboratory. The only difference is in the analysis: with the Sequencing service “… and that's it” only the initial and final trimming will be done, without editing, with a brief technical comment.
The sequence will be repeated upon request and with a charge.

For both services:

- Always free refills
- Possibility of open orders from which to scale any type of service or product
- Delivery of results guaranteed in less than 24 hours!
- Storage of samples and oligos sent for 1 month
- Preservation of the pcr purified by us for 2 months
- Preservation of oligos from Banca Oligo for 2 years
- Universal primers available free of charge
- On request free application of dedicated protocols for difficult templates (for example sequences rich in GC, hairpins, etc.)

ADDITIONAL SERVICES (on request and for a fee):
- Purification of PCR products
- Gel purification
- Quantification
- Desalting
- Alignment
- Synthesis of oligo

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