How to Order

And here we are at the sore button (we joke) BUT UNFORTUNATELY FUNDAMENTAL!

The order must be made out to:
Bio-Fab Research srl
Via Mario Beltrami, 5
00135 ROMA
and sent by email toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by fax to +39 06-45493940.

How much and how to order?

This is up to you and your administrations.
Open orders are always welcome and welcome but to be considered as such they must bear the words Open Order (Sequences; Oligo; NGS) or Seques; Oligo; NGS and can be used to scale all oligo sequencing and synthesis services on our price list.
Orders that do not bear the above indications cannot be considered open orders and therefore must be used to purchase the services and products exactly as indicated in the order.
For purchases of Products, Synthesis of genes, peptides, antibodies, Research Support Services, an order is required that shows exactly what is requested.

The validity of the supply is one year from the day of issue of the order, the minimum order is € 100.00 and the payment to 30 days D.F.F.M.

If, on the other hand, you are "forced" to make amounts lower or with payment exceeding 30 days, we will apply an increase to cover the secretarial expenses to be defined for each order. We are forced to put in default all those who do not comply with the deadlines indicated in the invoice, pursuant to paragraph 2 point 3 art. 1219 of the Civil Code and Legislative Decree no. 231/2002.
If your administration provides for a discount of 1% on the total supply, we will report on the invoice an adjustment of the same value.

Our data are:
C/C n. 000067381512 in the name of Bio-Fab Research srl.

IBAN: IT80J0329601601000067381512



Payment:30 days invoice date end of month (if greater remember the secretarial expenses)

Conditions of Sale
Please carefully read the general conditions of sale by clicking below.

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Registered office: Bio-Fab Research srl – Via Mario Beltrami, 5 – 00135 ROMA
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