Bio-Fab Research srl was founded in 2005 to provide research support services related to the analysis, production and manipulation of DNA. Our goal is to bring together all the specific knowledge of the sector by constantly updating in relation to biotechnological development to offer specialized instrumentation, desire to work, interaction and technological innovation. We believe that collaboration is a decisive element to increase our skills and to offer a quality service. For this reason we are present throughout Italy but also in-house in those organizations that need to increase the technical-scientific skills to enrich their business.
In line with our philosophy we have developed several scientific collaborations and worked on research projects.

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For BIO–FAB RESEARCH S.r.l. complete customer satisfaction is a primary objective, on which the image and success of the organization strictly depend. For this reason, since its establishment BIO-FAB RESEARCH S.r.l. has always operated, putting before any other consideration, the full and complete satisfaction of the needs and expectations of customers.
BIO-FAB RESAERCH S.r.l. has deemed it necessary to introduce, and formally apply, as a guarantee and proof of the correctness of its way of operating, its own Quality Management System, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2015 standard.
The above, in the belief that compliance with these Standards, in addition to providing objective evidence of the quality levels already achieved by the design, construction and production processes, allows to pursue continuous improvement, based on innovative organizational models, thus providing increasingly efficient services.
In full coherence with these principles, BIO-FAB RESEARCH S.r.l. has defined its overall quality objectives as follows:

  • To create and maintain a Quality Management System, consistent with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001, ed. 2015, which constitutes a primary reference for the Customer, to guarantee the quality of services and related processes;
  • ensure the Quality Management System the resources necessary for its operation, the competence and professionalism of all staff, in particular those employed in the laboratory through continuous training plans, with particular reference to technological and / or process innovations;
  • ensure the warranty, reliability and efficiency of all process equipment;
  • implement a system for measuring the quality levels of the service, based mainly on quality indicators, periodically detected, as a reference for making decisions to improve the service provided.

The Quality Management System in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2015 of BIO-FAB RESEARCH S.r.l. is certified by an internationally recognized body and is applicable to: Provision of laboratory services: sequencing of traditional and new generation NGS DNA. Distribution of oligonucleotide synthesis.

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Registered office: Bio-Fab Research srl – Via Mario Beltrami, 5 – 00135 ROMA
P.I./C.F./CCIAA n. 08736731004 - REA n. 1114841 - Cap. soc. i.v. 10.000,00

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