Synthetic Genes

Bio-Fab can chemically synthesize any type of gene for you, building it based on your needs in an efficient and cost-effective way.

The service includes:

  • Cloning in our vectors our standard pUC57 or pBluescriptIISK (free). On request it is possible to clone in one of our vectors in stock: pET17b, pET24b, pET26b +, pET28a +, pET28b +, pET32a +, pCDNA3.1 +, pCNDA3.1-, pCI-neo.
  • 100% accuracy guaranteed: the gene is delivered with sequence analysis
  • Delivery of lyophilized plasmid (up to 4 µg)
  • Ability to clone to any customer supplied vector


Gene size Delivery time
<1 kb 15 days
<2 kb 20 days
<3 kb 25 days
4-5 kb 30 days
>5 kb on request

Synthesis of Gene Fragments

Bio-Fab also offers a service for the synthesis of double-stranded Gene Fragments not included in any vector. These fragments can be useful for CRISPR-mediated genome editing applications or as a standard in qPCR.

Up to 400ng of lyophilized DNAds are delivered

Gene size Delivery time
125-750 bp 10 - 12 days
<751-1000 bp 12 - 15 days
1000-1250 bp 15 - 20 days
on request


Genes with high CG content and highly repeated sequences: in these cases Bio-Fab reserves the right to extend delivery times. However, the timing will be agreed with the customer before the start of the synthesis.
Codon optimization, where required, is included in the service

For info and costs:
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