Personalized polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies

Bio-Fab, thanks to the synthesis of peptides, is also able to provide the service for the production of customized antibodies, meeting all customer needs, from design to synthesis of monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies. We also provide antibody identification and targeting and affinity purification services.

Antigen preparation service
- peptide design
- peptide synthesis
- peptide conjugation
- protein expression

Customized services for polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies
- Guaranteed antibodies for applications such as ELISA, Western Blot, IHC ..
- Specific modifications such as phosphorylations, methylations and acetylations

Purification Service

Identification Service
- dot Blot
- Western Blot

Labeling service
- HRP (peroxidase)
- Biotin

Examples of packages for the synthesis of polyclonal antibodies:

Poyclonal package 1
(From protein to antiserum) Customer supplies antigen protein
Protein control by SDS-PAGE
Immunization of 2 New Zealand rabbits
Titration of the 'immunization with ELISA assay
10-12 weeks

Poyclonal package 2
(From protein to antibodies)
The customer supplies the protein antigen
Protein control by SDS-PAGE
Immunization of 2 New Zealand rabbits
Titration of immunization with ELISA assay
Post-bleed collection
Affinity purification of the antigen 10-12 weeks

Poyclonal package 3
(From protein design to antiserum) Customer provides information about protein antigen (or we propose candidate sequences).
Synthesis of the peptide (12-22aa, purity> 85%)
Conjugation with the carrier protein (KLH, BSA or OVA)
Proceed as the Polyclonal package 1 12-15 set timane

Poyclonal package 4
(From protein design to antibodies) The customer provides the information about the antigen protein (or we propose candidate sequences).
Peptide synthesis (12 -22aa, purity> 85%)
Conjugation with carrier protein (KLH, BSA or OVA)
Proceeds as the Polyclonal package 2 12-15 weeks
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