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Bioinformatics is; a discipline that is at the crossroads between biology, information technology and new technologies. It is characterized by the application of mathematical, statistical, computational methods to the analysis of biological, biochemical and biophysical data.

Bioinformatics, which has as its object the management and analysis of biomedical information through computers, is; developed largely under the impetus of the Human Genome Program and the postgenomic technologies that followed. Its main activities concern the construction and maintenance of a variety; of databases, the development of algorithms for the alignment of DNA sequences (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid), RNA (RiboNucleic Acid) and proteins, the identification of genes and the assembly of genomes, the prediction of structures and the interactions of nucleic acids and proteins, the reconstruction and analysis of biological networks. This last aspect is partly identified with research in systems biology. That part of bioinformatics that is focused on statistical / mathematical analysis and modeling rather than information management, it is also called computational biology. Bioinformatics & egrave; more and more; used as a research tool.

Our bioinformatics platform guarantees access to the technologies and bioinformatics skills that are essential for biomedical research. We operate in the following research areas:
1. Computational biology of pathologies: genetic and epigenetic variations, analysis and modeling of data from microarray
2. Genomic informatics: transcriptomic and proteomic analysis, comparative genomic analysis, alternative splicing and gene regulation
3. Integrative models and simulation structures
4. Systems biology: gene networks and their analysis.

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