Peptide synthesis

Bio-Fab offers a peptide synthesis service with a wide choice of modifications, quantities à and degree of purity.
The peptides are chemically synthesized using Fmoc chemistry. The Fmoc method is based on an orthogonal protection strategy, in which the basic - labile N - Fmoc group temporarily protects the alpha-amino group; the protection of the side chains instead è acid-labile and with cross-linking agents.
The quality à and the sequence of the ordered peptide is; certified by the HPLC chromatogram, by the Mass Spectrometry analysis and by a synthesis report that will be sent together with the peptide.
E ’ You can choose between “ crude extract ”, desalted or HPLC purification.
Crude and desalted are used for preliminary screening, while for HPLC purification we offer different degrees of purity based on the application:

Degree of purity Application
>70% antigens for production of antibodies
>75% ligands for affinity purification, enzymatic studies, epitope mapping
>80% peptide-blocking analysis (non-quantitative) and applications for electrophoresis
>85% immunological applications, polyclonal antibody production, non-sensitive screening, peptide arrays
>90% SAR studies and bioassays
>95% bioassays in vitro with ELISA, biological activity
>98% Structural studies such as crystallography or NMR.
>99% peptidi per studi farmacologici o industriali

The peptide can be produced in quantities ranging from 2 milligrams to over 5 grams.

Possible modifications: Acetylation, Fmoc, Amidation, N-Methyl aminoacid, Phosphorylation, Fluorescence dye labeling, Cyclic peptide, Disulfide bridge formation, Quenched fluorescent peptide, BSA Conjugation, Map Conjugation, KLH Conjugation …. and many others available!

Contact us for info: send us your sequence, quantity à desired, the type of purification and any modifications required. We will send you a no-obligation quote in less than 24 hours!
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